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High-precise bearings

High-precise bearings for machine tools and textile machinery

We connect quality and experiences in manufacturing of special bearings as well as in manufacturing of bearings for aviation industry.

We achieve the highest level of quality by connecting quality and experiences in manufacturing of special bearings. Therefore, our bearings are used in demanding arrangements including aerospace machinery.

History of AKE Skalica and the tradition of manufacturing of special bearings in our region represent our guaranty for reliability.

Ložiská pre textilné stroje
presné a špeciálne ložiská
Wide range of precise and special rolling bearings
AKE high-precise bearings for machine tools

Reliable bearings for Your machinery

Ložiská pre textilné stroje

In contrast to large manufacturing plants, we are able to provide production of smaller volumes for manufacturing. Manufacturing process is very effective in our plant. Prototype orders are given immediate realization after their approval and delivery dates are adjusted to customer’s requirements on maximum level.

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