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Tapered roller bearings

Standard tapered roller bearings programme in metric dimensions in rows 302, 303, 313, 320, 322 and 323 which meets DIN 720 and DIN ISO 355 standards. Dimension deviations meet DIN 620-2 standard.

Most of tapered roller bearings included in the standard programme are delivered in normal tolerance class P0.

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Higher tolerance class bearings P6X, P5 and P4 are delivered for specific cases of arrangements which are precision demanding or operate in high speed rotation.

We also manufacture bearings which are required to operate in the environment of higher temperatures (S0, S1, S2).

Deliveries of bearings with tolerance classes P6X, P5 and P4 which are intended for operations in the environment of higher temperatures are needed to be discussed in advance.

Tradition in Your business

Bearings manufactured by our company are used in transport technology, handling technology, agricultural machinery, machine tools and so on.

Deliveries are mostly distributed directly to manufacturing plants or by means of our authorized distributors.

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