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Bearing manufacturing

Bearing manufacturing programme in AKE Skalica, Ltd. manufacturing plant

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Bearings for aviation industry

Bearings for aircrafts, aircraft engines and helicopters
CNC vertikálne obrábacie centrum MC1040V

High-precise bearings

High-precise bearings for machine tools and textile machinery
Ložiská pre priemysel silueta

Bearings for industry

Bearings for metallurgical industry, railway industry, mining industry, agriculture and others.

Tradition in Your business

AKE Skalica manufacturing plant is the company which has had experiences with special bearing manufacturing for aviation industry for a long time. Our staff, who have been working in the long term with orders for manufacturing, consist of specialists who have already done their practice in the field of bearings during their study at vocational school. They devoted a significant part of their life to bearing development and bearing manufacturing.

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