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History of AKE brand

History of manufacturing of AKE rolling bearings

History of manufacturing of AKE rolling bearings originates from the time of Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In the modern history, bearing manufacturing in Austrian towns of Steyr and Berndorf has been gradually integrated into structures of renown manufacturers around the world. Manufacturing in Steyr has been integrated into SKF structures and manufacturing in Berndorf into FAG structures under the name of Algemeiner Kugellager Vetrieb – AKV. However, bearing manufacturing under AKE brand has been preserved.

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In 1993, when IMET joint-stock company took over AKV-AKE firm, one of the purposes was to continue manufacturing and selling of AKE bearings. At the same time, another purpose of taking over was not just to keep historically solid quality of bearings but to increase it by means of cooperation with other renown bearing manufacturers and their developing centres as it has been done all the time in history of manufacturing of AKE bearings.

Nowadays, manufacturing and business activities are focusd in AKE Skalica, Ltd. manufacturing plant which is a former ZVL Skalica plant. The strategy of AKE Skalica, Ltd. is to follow in manufacturing of special and high-precise bearings, diversify services with complex customer service and continue in traditions of not only the brand itself but in traditions of former ZVL Skalica manufacturing plant.

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