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About us

AKE Skalica manufacturing plant

Approved manufacturer for higher class bearings

AKE Skalica is an approved manufacturer for higher class bearings that manufactures standard range of rolling bearings as well as high-precise and large-scale bearings for demanding arrangements in accordance with ISO standard.

AKE Skalica offers its products within a wide range of offers at the market as an alternative for a user who chooses a brand with an emphasis on quality and reasonable value.

The product portfolio provides an opportunity to use the manufacturer as a comprehensive supplier of bearings.

Having warranty and customer’s trust as important priorities, the manufacturer meets the conditions in the terms of ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

výroba vysoko presných ložísk

Emphasis on quality and reasonable value

AKE bearings means traditional brand

More manufacturing opportunities are openning for bearings of the traditional brand AKE. In the hands of new business operator AKE Skalica joint-stock company, the manufacturing plant in Skalica is the continuation of tradition of precise and special bearing manufacturing for automotive, textile and avation industry which was done by ZVL Skalica before. Because of this, the manufacturing plant in Skalica is incorporated into wider portfolio of manufacturing programme for AKE brand bearings.

Tradition in Your business

There are several reasons to choose AKE Skalica